Rise of the forgotten

What has so far transpired (Part 1)

The bold adventurers began in the bright and sunny village of gryphonford, in a pary consiting of only the Kyutsu Rouge, the Gnomish Bard, the Elven Ranger and The Deva Cleric, named respectibley Vixero, Cherubael, Kengle (you need a better name…) and Dave (you also need a better name…). These bold adventurers decided to venture into the forest, without first seeking any news from the towns people in search of adventure and danger.

The Bold Adventures soon encountered a demolished wagon, its occupants brutaly murdered and the wagon itself reduced to tatters. With a little exploration they found gigant spider tracks in the area, as well as wolf prints. The adventurers continued down the path seeking some more evidence and came upon a strange hovering black crystal, which the Cleric concluded was a “chaos stone”, this as located amidst a demolished rest stop, leading the adventurers to conclude that it was responsible for the destruction.

As they to attacked the lightning shrouded crystal fize shambling zombies emerged and beset upon them, after a harsh fight they destroyed the crystal, which shattered into a tousand shards injuring those around it, the Gnome ended up with a shard embeded alongside his heart, which the cleric proved unable to remove without puting the gnomes life at risk, however the wound healed well, but the shard remains stuck.

As night was falling and the adventurers were weary from their travels, they decided to return to the village to inquire about what they had found. However on the path to the village half spider half goblin creaturs beset them, as no one in the pary spoke the language and the mosnters appered hostile the group readied for battle. The bard however decided to attempt to persuade the Spider-Goblins that they did not seek battle, after an incrdible interpretative dance (2 natural twenties!) he persuaded the Spider-Goblins to wait for a comprehend languages ritual to be cast.

This ritual was succesful and after furious negotiations the goblin-spiders agreed to allow the pcs to leave under the condition that they return the following day to the goblin-spider town, so that the bard could preform. The Goblin-Spiders assured that this would be fulfiled by sending a guide with the pcs as well as placing a talisman of unknow effects around the Bard’s neck.

The adventurers proceeded to enter the village along with their native guide, where they were immediatly sorrunded by the guard, as well as the town mayor and wizard, and the captian of the guard, who demanded explanations as to why a enemy Goblin had been brought into the town…

(Continued in part 2)

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